Tuesday, 9 February 2016


The flesh gets up, move, run, play, sleep
The mind stirs not
The world gets up, move, run, play, sleep
The soul stirs not

The events move in circle
The mind laughs
The places keep on changing
The soul smiles on

When in doubt
Look inside
There are no windows to the soul
What are you searching for?
Who are you waiting for?
They all left
Time is up

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Immigrating to US - Consequences and Considerations - Part 1

The entire process of coming to US was filled with uncertainties and queries. Lots of research and continued applications is the usual route that most people take while coming to US from India. However, there are a few who just follow in the footsteps of those who are already here!
Now, I'm not naming anyone for obvious reasons. ;)
So, getting here in US is a big deal and sometimes not really a big deal. However, staying here for a continued period of time is definitely a big deal. With the current market situation and number of work visa applications (233,000 in 2015 nearly double from 124,000 in 2013) that had been filed this year (in spite of the fixed number of  85,000 visas available), it is evident that students and non-immigrant workers would have to look for innovative ways to continue their stay here in US.
I don't want to talk about the aftermath of studying here in US as that would be an entirely different story. Today, I want to talk a little about the process of getting here and how most people fail to see the obvious.
Being a lawyer from India, I always had to ask myself what am I going to do here in US. I initially thought about taking the LL.M. path and I honestly got through several prestigious colleges. However, research revealed that most of my fellow classmates from Delhi University had returned back to India after completion of their LL.M. from Harvard, Georgetown or even London School of Economics.
The road to a global work experience through LL.M. seemed bleak and I had to drop the idea of studying LL.M. However, life never stands still and with one thing leading to another, I got through MBA admission at UT and here I am today.
For prospective students, who are seeking admission into STEM courses or MBA, or even LL.M. in US, I have one recommendation. Do your own research, since it is only you who best knows where you are headed. You can definitely seek information from seniors, attend US admission-information sessions in India or even tag along with your relatives to US. But eventually, you have to consider not just the education and work opportunities, but also life in general in US. The culture, the people, the political waves of change and economic status in US should always be kept in focus while making a decision. However, more importantly, look inward, your family, home, India, economic opportunities in India and the changes that are relevant for the coming generation.
The whole work visa (OPT, L1 and H1-B) game adds an entirely separate dimension to your decision about landing here in US, so if possible, do take those into consideration too. Return migration, booming Indian economy, change in regulatory regime are also big considerations for the long run. Today, more Indians are returning back to India as things look brighter back home.
For LL.M. students, California and New York Bar (two of the toughest) are the only possible places you can practice as of now, unless you want to explore opportunities other than real practice.
For MBA and STEM students, think short-term and long-term, know about your strengths and always keep a global perspective in mind.
Getting to US is really not that difficult, but it is a question about what you want to do with living here?
The whole question about the legality of Universities providing random admission, students opting for CPT and OPT, the number of H1-B applications being filed by outsourcing consultants and the overall impact on the US workforce who are sidelined due to such events is another big humane consideration that should also be taken into account. The USCIS, DHS and legal think-tanks must be looking into solutions to avoid immigrants feeding into the jobs of US workers. However, I think the profit motive of companies and lobbies supporting such motives are mostly to blame for the current situation. I can understand skilled workers adding to the talent pool in US but are they really skilled if they are receiving 20% less wages compared to their US co-workers?
I will discuss the legalities revolving around such issues and the impact it has on immigrant workers in my next post.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Randomness of my brain...leads nowhere

Who decides what is to be done if the results are here does the journey matter..
I am but a man of speech with thoughts in a bottle deep in the sea...
Resolutions to restrictions they are all but forced upon our conscience...
This year is no different from the next...so why not just skip this year...
With less murmur in your thoughts I can see your eyes better...with less blinking of your eyes I can hear your thoughts better...
The wall of promotion is but no means of communication...break the wall come live in my area...
I am but a servant you are the key let me open the master bedroom to your sea...
I can post but will it matter to the one that matters the most will she flutter
will there be tears or joy in her eyes how does it matter if she has already read each letter
still the servant will abide in love he dies in love he cries in love
she may hold time still for him to enter but will it matter if the time lies...

Crumbling Pages

There isn't any creativity in writing
It ends with the crumbling of the page
I can talk stories all day
But who has time for tales these days
The morning sun isn't any different here
The skin still reddens with pain
But how we have classified pain
Pain yours and pain of theirs
Pain of the elderly and pain of vain
Humbly cuddle yourself to sleep
There is none to share your bed
If only someone could look so deep
Make believe the lies instead
But no my friend none will come
It's your battle and your gun
They who whimper die too in time
Who are you to skip the line
As days go by the blankness stares
Wishing someone had letters to spare
The pages too are now straightened out
Awaiting someone to crumble them down

Monday, 6 April 2015

Know not till it ends

I have lost the skill
The power, the need
The patience to kill
Still there will be time
For fights after love
Fights before love and
Fights over love
What is the need
To experience excellence
If all you wish is
Annihilation of the self

Monday, 3 November 2014

A Lingering While

What about those who are ill
What about the weak, the downtrodden
Who is going to protect them when survival is at stake
Who is going to take pity at their imperfect make
God is kind, in equality mankind thrives
But what about the unequal
Who strives and strives
But never to achieve, never to live
To be remembered, to receive accolades or words
Words of encouragement, words of peace, words of love or even a treat
I'm neither fit nor am I fighting for survival
I who was just born have been just killed
Maimed for life by the one whom God has given more power
Whom do I blame cause it too was striving for food
It did not kill in jest but in fear of sacrificing its means
Now my master may feel sad
But in sadness you cannot wash truth
Or deny the unkindness of mortality
In thoughts if I live I accomplish
The unthinkable
Rise from obscurity to recognition
To live beyond this little while
Ah! A little lingering while!

Monday, 7 July 2014

My mother, his Wife

Why did he call my mother his wife?
I did not understand, I could not realize
Though an anger swelled deep within me
Its meaning was lost that night
My mother's Boss took us out for dinner
And then, while we sat there
Me and my brother
Our wrists deep within the broth
The taste of food all over our cloth
She smiled and the Boss winked
Meanings unknown to me were exchanged
I saw everything but didn't understand
Why both of them left us suddenly
With all the delicious food to eat
Then as we finished eating, my mother arrived
Furtively hiding a tear aside
I didn't ask any question, I didn't understand
What was killing her deep inside
When it was time to leave
The Boss took us in his car
We drove for a while but mother bore a scar
Of silence and broken dreams
That she never expressed and I never understood
I looked at her with wonder and hoped to be home soon
Alas, it was not meant to be!
As rage struck under the full-lit moon
When the Boss told his driver
To look after his wife, my mother
Why did he call my mother his wife?
I did not understand but it was enough
To pull out from my bag the knife
And with one swift move I put it to use
That brought back my mother's voice
Now as she screamed in disbelief
The driver ran out to get relief
But I didn't panic, I didn't understand
I just had to pick the knife from the table
When I saw a tear rolling down my mother's cheek
The courtroom declared me juvenile
While others called me the devil
I just didn't understand why nobody understood
That my mother's wasn't his wife!

Friday, 4 July 2014

The End, Maybe

Slowly she walks away from the music
Her life lost in beats of anguish
She isn't going to dance again
Her feathers been plucked by him
She will remember the last moment
Forever it will run down her spine
Remind her of the cruelty spent
In killing her faith from love's divine
How he laughed the night before
How she held him tight so long
Long after he had left her alone
But then it was all over
She let the music on to calm her down
Until the raging fury struck her now
Now as he lay in a pool of bed
She reminds herself-'it was meant to be, this is the end, or maybe...'

Thursday, 17 April 2014


Calling into my mind
Your footsteps leave a trail behind
The long drawn life ahead
The long painted faces
Will all be a part
Of habitual existence
But what if flowers bloom again
The oceans laughter ring again
Drawing you perchance
Into another bout of romance!

Friday, 21 February 2014

Time the Healer Time the Wrecker

This way you wouldn't feel bad
At least I have remembered you in times of crisis
You may complain of me playing safe
With all lost and nothing in between
This is what remains
Pick up the pieces make some space
Knocking doors often give in to pressure
I took you home with certain intent
You opened shut doors and crevices
Now the doors are open with nowhere to root the emotions
Time the healer time the wrecker
Plays with me and alters your notions