Sunday, 21 February 2010

An Ode to Explode

O! Dear Death!
Come alive;
Pour Venom
Take me home

Born to bear the Earth
A berth of mirth,
Life grains been revolving around,
As air did them surround

Now rolling on the hot sands
With alien glee;
Now flying in the aerodrome
Fast and free

Now gliding down the heaving hills
Red and hot;
Now flowing to the niveous poles
Chilled to the clot

Then, Oh! The spooky Binder came
To play the grimy game;
Some grains It cast into bizarre molds,
And flung them into vying folds

Plants and fish, birds and beasts
Came to fists,
To flourish long and muster strong,
Till Man came and proved them wrong

Thus, are harried with pains and pangs
One and all;
For, It had crushed them all beneath
Envy and hate, miseries and death

So, life here stinks
From the Abyss;
I bleed and sue
And pine for You

My grains often seek,
Pry out and prick
To wriggle out and fly
To the void of the sky

So, let them all, O Tyrant!
Dismantle and be vagrant;
In the heaven let them roll,
And then mingle with the whole

Till they spring up again
In the Nidus Pristine
But, with unaching hearts
And souls so divine

That they may get back
The happiness they lack
And ‘I’ may fuse in ether
Unborn and Undying for ever