Thursday, 11 March 2010

over the stories learnt in nursery
then forgotten in the rush to grow up
the fairy seemed lost and neglected
but just when everything seemed like reality
up came a figure that coloured life

back with innocence and wonder!

Love matters!

Love! What does it mean? Why do I keep looking for love? Does everyone do that? Maybe they do, cause after all love is a universal feeling. But what does love mean to me? Is it any different than the thought itself? When I say love, what do I actually think about? Let me think…ya it reminds me of the time when I climbed the pipe of my girlfriend’s house just to wish her on her birthday. It reminds me of the numerous metro rides during one chilly winter in Calcutta. That winter the warmth of the metro stations drew our hearts closer but by the following summer the heat grew unbearable and she became history. Numerous faces, different times, numerous incidents, that’s all that I gather out of love today. My heart doesn’t skip a beat anymore, nor does it think about any single resounding name. My cluttered brain is too full of images to distinguish them, to disintegrate them to locate the exact meaning of love. To me love is just a fleeting thought which knocks on my door repeatedly without invitation. But it does feel good when it does, because then it does feel like love.
Every detail is accounted for
And every thought portrayed.