Friday, 7 May 2010


Cinderella, Princess Cinderella
That’s what she likes me to call her
Her eyes are green, they spark and gleam
Her touch feels velvety porcelain
And when she swirls,
Her hair just twirls
‘Cause she is,
The Queen of this world

Cinderella, Princess Cinderella
Brown-black locks adorn her
She draws and paints, cartoons on a stage
Makes her mom run out of page
Dear sister, don’t worry ‘bout the future
Just aim for the target
‘Cause there’s always an option
Choose painter or a poet

Cinderella, Princess Cinderella
Happiness written all over her
You are so small, just nine
But already so smart, witty and fine
For others you may be,
Shinjini and Megha
But for me, you’d always be,
My Princess Cinderella

Cinderella, Princess Cinderella
She’s my cutest little sister
As she grows, she’d learn more
But mustn’t change her sweetest soul
Life changes, time changes
Lots of things would come in pain
Do what you do, just always remember
You and I, brother and sister would always remain!

- - Sorry For Everything!