Friday, 1 October 2010


Open your heart into the mind;
Let the streams of sorrow engulf it and bind
There’s nothing for you to fear
Now that it’s all over here
But still lurking for the near future

Thousands of death that may stir your soul –
This Tsunami has battered and bruised many more.
Don’t sit back and fret over your losses,
It’s time to fight back the identity crisis,
And prove your worth in reality pages.

South-East Asia looks like a blooming tree,
Struck down by the fangs of lightning
Live and green ere now,
Bruised and barren moments later how?
How do you watch in despair this unending wrath of nature?

And as you help out people with medical succour,
You find celebrities doing publicity stunt even at this blue hour,
News channels churn out tall tales in the air,
Like sprouting weedlings rushing from nowhere,
This game of insanity drives you into a living fair.

U look up at the sky with deep gazing eyes,
To find if it was a God or Goddess you were looking for?
And then you realize, there ain’t anyone out there
To drop down a tear or two on your dismay
It’s just you paying your life’s fare.