Monday, 27 December 2010

Where art thou?

Writing your worries down, writing about love, hate and pain; my stories enraptured with thousand other lives, tinted with their daily existence. But for me this world is an empty ground where none exists but me; I’m the sole player of my world. When will the others learn to let go of me?

New challenges are waiting for me. I need to go out and explore this world. I shouldn’t stop myself for anyone or anything. This is the time for new experiences.

Someday when I’m gone would you remember these times?
The entwined lips the crazy trips love filled in between
Where once we feared to touch each other now there’s melody
Thousand kisses rosy cheeks uncomfortable stares and glares
Holding hands love filled hugs smelling each other’s skin
Crying over useless worries future’s secured in else’s hand
The silence the sweet nothings the love you and love don’ts
Will you cry for me when I’m gone away?
Will you miss me on any day?
If you do then remember the times
Distance parts the mortal beings but for the ones in love
Sweet memories are treasured throughout
No cries no worries
Someday even I’d turn communist!
That day we’ll have coffee on the mountain cliffs
Discussing Marxism and Wiccanism!
Till then it’s goodbye my honey pie!