Thursday, 29 April 2010

Departed - -

Drops of Rain falling, so cold, so dark
Let me light your night for one last time
You are falling, so slow, so hard
Let me carry you through this tonight
Time is running out, I can tell you’re scared
So let me stay until the end comes here

Tears are falling, so sad, so true
Let me wipe them off for one last time
Heart is lost, so cold, so lonely
Let me give you the warmth I have
Feelings are given away, I feel your end near
So let me carry you away from here

As the dreams break reality dawn
U were here but now you are Gone

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Wording Love

So, you think that I have stopped writing to you
But in every thought I only find you,
It’s impossible to not think about you
Through memories and anecdotes I find you here beside me
Through the crispy blue sky and multitude of stars and sea
When I talk to you, you are beside me, whispering
When I shut my eyes, images distant, but real are appearing
Love, my love, there’s nothing to fear
Someday soon I will hold you near
Roll down my fingers over your face
Make you mine every day, from day to night, night to day
So for now let us enjoy this awaiting journey
This is what we have, so why not make the best of memories
Distant lives but strewn together
Wrapped with care and comfort in boxes called “made for each other”
My love, I am always there beside you,
Sitting on your bed, kissing you
Unravelling your beauty with my hands and lips
Seeping in every smell, every inch of you
The inherent wonder of love is here within me
It’s there within you
Everywhere around us, everywhere we go
So be good and enjoy this view
Of my long lost tales and forbidden fruits
The rollercoaster ride through time and space
Someday I will take you too with myself
You remain my soul mate from younger years
I have loved you long, loved you strong
Loved you with inhibitions and courage less fears
Through nights and days, alone and dreaming
Wondering but never forgetting
My eyes were captivated with wondrous joys
To me, you remain the greatest the most beautiful toy
Adjectives and words will fall short to describe you
Your talent and prowess will forever continually instigate me
I am here beside you, you are there beside me
These never-ending poems are my only solace
Through time and space, I want to touch your face
Promises I don’t make, But I love you, I say

Words are all I have to give you today!