Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Questions Remain and Answers Remain.

 In the end it’s just who I am!

The love of my life, the garden of flowers…
Your fragrance can never lessen
As long as I’m alive I’d remain yours…
It’s just time that puts a break on my expression…
There’s someone waiting for you tonight
So won’t you be the good girl that everyone thought of you to be…
Won’t you accept the proposal that’s been pending?
Won’t you just cry once before sleeping?

Ha! My distorted thoughts…seems like a living animated motion of picturesque beauty that comes alive when all else seems just routine, just a lie.

There ain't any stars in the sky today
I can’t figure faces in the clouds this day
Relations lost, memories faded in the pages of time
We blame time
But fail to acknowledge our part in this Conspiring Crime!

The guilt of living with lies isn't that exciting than living with the thought of getting lost in those lies. I dream about the days when I’ll accept these lies as reality, my own little world of guilty pleasure. The people involved in my life, the mass that gets affected doesn't scare me from doing what I’m so good at doing. I really don’t need anyone to entertain my belief, this is me, the real me!

But why does she still love me so much?
She says I’m her escape, as if she was born with an idea of mine embedded deep within her. But that’s so cliché. Now how can I deny her the love which she believes to be her alone, when all I can give is indifference…

and where are those thoughts I had for you?
where are those feelings I so valued?
now I look at you and see nothing…
but just a girl like hundred others
who slipped in my bed and slipped out
without leaving any memory…

I have to end this. It won’t take time for this to end. Tomorrow’s a brand new day; no one would read this a second time, no not even me. I’m just playing hide and seek with my own self.

One last time I wanna say that I’m not a loser to end life without getting you, I’m not a loser to die without seeing the end. You can never be happy without me. You can never evade the curse that lies on you. You and your generation would fail to provoke me…your pea sized brain doesn't excite me, so how do you think you’d be able to understand me?

There isn't enough love in this world to absolve my hate!