Friday, 18 February 2011

The Story Unfolds - 1


When was the last time you cried? In fact why do people cry? The tragedy that befalls an individual’s life is written and decided long before he even enters into this world. There’s nothing; no power by which one can evade the tragedies of life. But still we do cry. Out of pain, out of love, out of all things that’s predetermined and fated. This is the ultimate tragedy of life.

L* had no control over his feelings. He lacked power of control and ended up crying and cursing his ill fated luck. While young, he always prayed to God to give him the strength to endure the miseries of life but after a few years when sense dawned and adolescence bid goodbye, he realized the true meaning of life. From then on he lost faith in God and in turn instilled faith in his own self.

The various challenges of his life, his beliefs, his love and hate continue even today and for any writer it would be a stupendous task to put it down on paper. So today I introduce a small part of his life, the part that’s ever growing, ever appealing. The part of his life that he himself calls – Mon Amourette!

One day long ago, while in Class VII, Julian asked L*, ‘When was the first time you kissed a girl?’
L* wasn’t amazed at the suddenness of the question, rather he was disturbed that Julian chose the decrepit washroom of their insipid school to ask this important question.

Opening his fly and with his usual nonchalance L* replied, ‘The moment I was born.’
The warmth that gushed out of L*’s body cooled him off and he exhaled a sigh of relief. The loo was the best place to be in L*’s school life and he frequented them more often than his classes. In fact he always made it a point to visit all the washrooms of his school every single day. There were six of them in total in the three storied school building, three of them for boys and the remaining three for girls. There was not a single day that he missed peeping inside the girl’s washroom and watching some girl in the act but amazingly he was never caught until one day when he dared to peep inside the faculty washroom and gaped at the biology teacher in her not so biological posture. But then he always had a trick up his sleeve to escape unabashed and with pride and in this case too he was let off without anyone knowing anything about the incident.

‘Bloody Hell! Don’t you fucking feed me that shit!’
Julian was his best buddy and he knew L* was concocting stories. A guy like L* who never even had a girl in school could not precede him in experiencing the first kiss. It was an awful thought and if true would demean his self esteem.

‘Oh! Come on, you think I’m lying to you? Trust me the nurse kissed me on my lips the moment she laid her eyes on me. And I held on to her till my mom snatched me away from her. But it’s a different story that I don’t really remember that incident much as it faded with time and better kisses.’
‘You mean to say you actually had more experiences? But you never said anything about them.’
‘Dude, it’s not something to discuss and feel merry about. You are my best buddy and I share everything with you but certain things are better left unsaid until the time is right.’

That day remain etched in Julian’s memory for the rest of his life. For though he was known to be the best looking guy in school and though he had several affairs in school, but still he couldn’t match up to what L* had achieved much before he even thought about it. And the fact that L* made no fuss about it was the worst part as it hurt his ego and forced him to admire and secretly envy L* from that particular day onwards.Through school Julian and L* remained the best of buddies and continued with their adventures till Julian had to leave for the States for higher studies. Julian still finds L* intriguing and considers him to be his best friend. But at the same time he knows that L* is an entity that can never belong to anyone. He is beyond human perception; filled with stories and forever awe-inspiring.