Monday, 18 April 2011


So we've come today for God knows what!
Is it the warmth of the heater or the tune of alcoholic strings?
Is it our disappointments that make us connect in this world or
The happiness we wish to build in future?
We all have our variegated thoughts,
But somehow they all seem to connect at this level
The food lies in neglect
While we lay here lost in our worlds
And converse in our dream world.
The songs can't take away our seriousness,
Nor can the silence
I wish we didn't have to look at each other’s face
Wondering what thoughts lay behind
Now I guess it is all part of a bigger purpose
That denies revelation at this present moment
Soon, we would lie down in slumber
Our psyche would force us to carry on with our everyday life
But someday in future I hope we look back on this day
And remember what brought us together!

This wasn’t something we were contemplating that day. We were actually looking for a song to cherish our days at college. That night, suddenly everything seemed achievable; every word spoken seemed so true and real!
Our words, our deeds, our thoughts. Who would have believed if I were to tell that we three had reached a level where everything we said seemed to be spoken out of the other’s mind. As Nikola Tesla would have said, “The Earth is the conductor of acoustical resonance.”
So I’d say that this World is a reverberating soul that carries our thoughts through nature! Nothing is our own, it is all there lying in the open space for us to grab and claim as our own.
I was happy to have come across the other two. I was happy to note that they didn’t realize the truth. If I were to tell them that I saw through them then they might not believe me, in fact they’d feel offended. A person is most vulnerable when he loses his senses and comes out stark naked, losing his guard. I wouldn’t reveal the conversation that ensued between us three, but I’ll definitely remember the words that were spoken from the heart of my two real friends. Hope our dreams come true! Amen!