Monday, 20 June 2011

Expressing Love

Through the darkness of the valleys, of distance and broken wings,
We meet and meet again to view -
The passing of time, of inspired memories,
Of things to come, promises to fulfill
The amazing light created by your presence,
Would be so strong I never knew,
Being captivated by an angel,
Inflamed and enamoured...I never knew
Each night is filled with memories of you,
Of times spent in exchanging views
Things would turn so right, I had no clue
Cause then, I never knew someone like you
And now I need someone to be with me,
And it's you, who's here, there and everywhere in me
Sharing my moments of anguish and fear,
My troubled times, my worthless vanities!
Simple things are not to be said,
They are meant as and when they are felt
And if you feel it's time I said
I'll stay silent and let my silence speak...
"You are the creator, the worshipper and the worshipped,
The guiding light, the source of love, life and peace,
And I am the greatest, I am the king
My booty is you, your love, faith and being..."