Monday, 25 July 2011

End of Love

It is not easy to formulate lines

When all I can think about is my lost life

I was too weak then to acknowledge the truth

Now that I do it seems so clich├ęd, marked with spite and vengeance

My friends always told me it had to end

Love is never immune to the environment

Now I feel your fingers touch my parted parched lips,

Every time I pour water to quench my thirst

I visualize you kissing me, hugging me tight to your bosom

Is it too hard to reconcile our differences?

Living in the capital has its own demise

I’m not citing an excuse for my exalted misdemeanor

But once you live here you’d realize

This is the place that calls you in your sleep

Where soldiers fear to tread and magicians pray to Greed

Is it too hard to reconcile our differences?

My love has sprinted forward in search of you

Dived in deep oceans to cherish your saline memories

But your eloquence has no more meaning left to decipher

You are a conundrum of errors that happened long past in my youth

Now it seems too hard to reconcile with truth!