Sunday, 25 December 2011


----Conscious and Sub-conscious thoughts written vaguely.

Stealing through those deep dark eyes I watched you smile when I missed the line. Your lips were bound together but there was that sparkle in your eyes, which meant trouble for the rest of my life. I never visualized us being together but expectations of a different nature invaded my mind. I feared for your life when I knew you were caught in that endless tangle of lovelorn anguish and comparisons. Your smell invoked the air with bubbles that threw stares at my heart and rose into heights conveyed by previous encounters. My speech lingered on for endless lines and that single flutter of your eyes provoked deep ecstasy, unknown, unmatched, unheard of!

Those few seconds lasted for a month and then it was death. Death of eyes that captivated me for such time; eyes that engulfed me through the mysteries of time; made me realize the value of Life. You came and went like the others and now stare back with contempt from the pages of past at my present. Movement of thoughts has abided with circumstances but that stare still leaves its mark at nights; nights filled with masochistic inspirations and self-disdain.

I’m caught in this relative preponderance of diluted Consciousness. Every picture seems muddling into confused canvases. The lost memories haunt me, summoning the demons in my head to react. But your eyes still fight for their place in my mind and at night comes out to haunt me with tears. I hate to admit that I’m lost in this growing cosmos of changing thoughts, if your eyes can see my future then please redefine my life.