Friday, 28 December 2012


tor sohorer mukhe ami paa rakhi na, bhoye pai jodi amaye konodin gile khaye,tor shriti tuku ami hather mutho e dhore thaki,khulini kondodin bhoye pe jodi toke bhule jai.

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Continuance 2

The thing about life is that it is always revolving 
When I last heard human voice I cannot tell 
But there is a sense in rebelling, forgetting every modern value 
Looking back at my pure self, wondering where I had begun 
My lips, my tongue and genitals, the wherefrom I'm alive, 
The solitudinal marks over my sequestered body doesn't seem to remind 
Of the days gone by, the nights in dark alleys and water borne vectors 
Infesting the mind with colourful plaster of never-ending myriad of thoughts 
And endless longings for you and me 

Walking down the neighbour's fence I recalled you had loved me once 
In the dark night we copulated until the sky turned white with jism 
Faltering once I had tripped on your love 
Acquitted of guilt and remorse I now walk the roads of Delhi and New York 
Would there be food at my table tonight? 
Would the dark angels play sporty dance under my calibrated network? 
I fear longing of words, the keyboard coming to life 
Inviting me to a sadist feast of nouns and tears 
World coming to my table, knocking at my door 
Walking in uninvited, disrupting my solace, my space. 

The kisses and forlorn foreplays, never ending bullshit over breakfast on Tuesdays 
How easy it is for us to complain 
To say it was not our fault, blame it on time 
Laugh, cry, express emotions, this faulty devotion, 
Where, why, when, how? These never ending questions in commotion 
Did it break your heart to watch them die? 
Delve deep and remain happy, unanswered but it's a journey...

Friday, 16 November 2012


I figured it was going to be tough, looking down the alley on a miserable night
The birds I had seen from dawn to dusk, were now gone, a lonely cat strayed down the road
I shut the window tight, I hated the writing blues coming to life, hated my thoughts dissipating into the night
I shuddered my shoulders, dispelling your thoughts and that perpetual loneliness that always hugged me tight
Oh! White karma! How I longed for your touch, your presence in my tomorrow, in my past!
But why did you have to spoil my present? Just let me be, forsaken but not forgotten tonight
In the distance I can hear the bells ringing, I can smell the sorrows of a thousand lives lost
Where everyone is scrambling for peace of mind, but for you and me there is no sorrow, no past, present or tomorrow
Every day we are fighting another battle, losing senses over trapezoid realities, swollen with frailties
The lonely bald manners have overcome me, the last butt of the cigarette has also committed suicide, ending years of tragedy
Blood, bones and regular failures are gripping our fairy tales, we who once lived to be free, are now dying for sex, money, fame, name & aim.
We who are God’s last children, stand here, awaiting our time for resurrection into the colossal towers of love and shame
I don’t know where you are my friend, I don’t know where we stand, love or shame? It’s just the same!
Why cry tears over fallen angels, the nights of terror when your parents fought with vigor, malice, hatred
Killed every emotion, dragged every pain, dropped every idea of love from the pages of history
Gone, the kindred souls, the brethren who looked after you for so long, time too has grown old

No one cares for my fallen soul, my everyday affairs, my sweltering hormones... 

Saturday, 10 November 2012

The Discernment

Two dark unflinching eyes glued on him
Unaware, uninhibited he played on
The girls on the floor danced on
But the pair of eyes dissected every presence
Gorged on to the blue eyes of its fondness
Watched every nuance of his features
Noticed every ripple of his arms
Seeped into his tuft of hair
Enamored with every whisk of his charm
He was the star of the night
Every girl’s dream passion
He flirted along with each and every
Moved the crowd to the magic of his motion
But the stuck-up eyes weren't amongst them
From a far off corner, the flaming dark eyes
Looked on, not a flutter, not a stutter
As night crawled on, the drinks reduced in number
The music too was soon to end
Last requests of the crowd were on
But the eyes didn't care, didn't shift focus
As the object of its attention grooved along
But suddenly the eyes felt its body move
With nothing to distract, its body rammed ahead
The ashamed eyes tried to tug the body aside
But the eyes landed in front of the shining knight instead
Looked straight into his watery blue eyes
Unaware what the body spoke, the eyes looked on blankly
With shock, the eyes saw his features retreating
With a smirk on his face he kissed the girl beside him
The eyes took it all in, every action of his
The parting crowd started laughing
Pointed fingers lingered uneasily
But the eyes gazed on trying to dissect the commotion
Concentrated hard to withstand every distraction
But two huge black-draped giants obstructed its view
Pushed aside the eyes wandered
For one last glance of its object of affection
The crowd jeered on at the lost eyes
Rejected, denied, scorned at and ridiculed
The eyes forced its body into the washroom
Salty, watery drops ruptured at its corner
Hairy aberrations fluttered rapidly above in tension
The eyes couldn't believe what it saw in horror
Wrapped in a beige suit, tie and polished shoes
A man was staring sadly across from the mirror.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Friday, 5 October 2012


A small tear raptures at the corner of the eye,
Another love has come and gone,
Withering souls do fear
But what are heartaches to the stonehearted
A fleeting sense of communion with humanity
Ever so small like the dried up tear!

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Now it's time to Live!

To not expect much and be true to the ones you love
Learning to respect others and setting aside your egotistical mind
When you accept you've made mistakes and you ask for forgiveness
In your mind you don’t regret decisions but feel educated
There comes a time when difficulties precede happiness
But then there isn't anything extraordinary about being happy
A passing smile, an old memory, the acceptance of limitations
You move along, with a smiling heart and bucket full of achievements
The heart has won, the battles are done, now it’s time to live!

Saturday, 15 September 2012

In this world I filed for life. Life filed me in boxes to be discovered later. Seems devoid of substance and then it’s all over.

When the world listens to your bullshit,
You realize you have finally made it as a lawyer!

Monday, 13 August 2012

Illegible Writings of a Long Forgotten Time

On the day Lee realized that he had to move beyond the sultry, damp environs of Sunderbans, he also understood that life has more to teach than what the fate unfolds. He decided to count his days thereafter and keep track of every mishap that crossed his path. Five years on, during another sultry morning, in the suburbs of Mumbai, he would again recall the day the first tragedy of his life struck his interiors, driving the bowels out of his guts.

On that fateful day Lee was restless, he was yet to learn that life teaches us lessons that overcomes all tragedies. Every tragedy thumps its mark on the geography of a person’s life, while the initial ones are the cruelest, burning down roads and dreams along its way. Lee stood there, watching his friend Soham, his dearest of all friends, being ripped apart by the famed crocodiles of Hathanewa Dowanewa river; the crocs in their joyful exploration of Soham’s tender flesh and crunching bones were oblivious to the pain arising in Lee’s heart, the thunderstorms of memories building up to incalculable proportions that would hark and mark Lee’s life forever.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The Untold Story - - 3

It has been long since Lee wrote anything. He was looking up his diary, trying to recall the names of his school friends. He always maintained a diary where he kept regular notes about his friends and updated them with latest events. But ever since he started working, he has not been able to write anything about himself, leave alone anyone else.
Recently, Lee joined Facebook, the social network that has created a haze all over the world; created a maze for individuals to connect with each other and exchange views and opinions. Lee flipped through his diary and noted each name on a separate page. Every person he had ever come across in his school and college days were enlisted in this diary. He now jotted down all his friends’ names on a page of the diary. He looked at the diary and smiled. He gently moved his palm across the leaf of the diary, closed his eyes, and felt each name hearken a hundred stories from the depth of the pages of his diary.
With newfound energy and vigorous intent to connect with all his school and college friends, Lee flipped open his laptop and switched it on. He logged on to Facebook and started searching for each name that he had written on the separate page of the diary.
The first name that Lee typed onto the screen was Tina. The moment he pressed the search button, several Tinas from all around the world lined up in front of his eyes. He had not expected such a turn over. He was pleased but he didn’t know how to filter through the enormous number of Tinas that had registered on Facebook to reach his own Tina. So he got up and went into his store room.
After fifteen minutes he was back at his desk with renewed energy and intent. Lee also brought a bottle of wine along with him as the night was getting dark and cold and he needed company to keep himself warm and rocking. As he sat down at his desk to search for different friends from long lost years, his cell phone started ringing. He didn’t care to look at his phone and simply switched it off. He thought he had found a new way of connecting with people and every other mode of communication was outdated and unreasonable.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012


I see the differences, I ignore
I know the falling pieces, but no
I live, breathe, see you smile, what more?

You may always ask my name
I’m polite, I’ll lie
To ignore is not my style

There used to live an unknown man
For long he lived but no one cared
The day he died, raindrops fell.

A day always to remember
The nights are similar
I wish you understood the reference.

Monday, 18 June 2012


There were times when we were young
We looked at the sky and prayed to God
Now God too has grown old
Now we die each day in our selfish goals
Every day is lived in remorse
The skin too has turned coarse
Let’s die one day to revive the young
Let’s die one day so that some may speak!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012


The rides, the moonlight sky,
The faces unknown, in sync for a while
Your face calls from the far off window,
I stare for a while then shift my mind
Breaking glass panes will never abandon
From horror to sorrow, cupid’s broken arrow
What is life but an inverted notion
Truth belies the strangest of passion
And if you thought the moon could fly
Come look into my heart where it resides!

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Fallen Soul

within the pages of error
lies the soul hidden with terror
the pamphlets are not a guide
my existence by law doesn't abide
who told you that you can be smart?
the answers that would hark you now
the questions that would mar your life
a martyr takes every strike gleefully
so why do you worry?
a saint, a martyr, a fool, a tragedy
a life less lived wouldn't have been yours
this is you at your best-undisclosed!

the honesty that i lack
can it be replenished with cheerfulness
the travesty of my existence
can it be repaired by any good?
i've crossed oceans of regret in my mind
but will i ever reach the shore?
for those who do not know me
can i ever express my soul?

how many times have i told you
originality is the essence of life
now that you lie here dejected
your dreams broken, heart badgered, eyes sore
whom do you expect to cajole your strength
to nourish your mind, guide your soul?
can you hear the voice of truth?
of loved ones who still care for you
can you end their existence for your selfish needs
your bruised ego, hurt conscience?

I don't want to be the fallen one
I want to fight another battle
I don't want to lose or hurt
but sometimes I just let go!
The loved ones would continue loving me
beyond my life and through
If ever I've hurt anyone
I'm sorry but it's time to go!

they said writing comes naturally
you don't have to toil after it
like the scent of the first born love
writing never disappoints those who feel
it stays cocooned somewhere in your heart
long after you have stopped nurturing it
but the moment you set your mind to it
the tip overflows with words and feelings

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Love Struck

He moved his head to get out of her tangled hands. The moon light invaded stealthily through the window and struck her face, creating magic lights that he had only read about in his grandmother's sorcery diaries. The night seemed to hearken out the union that had just consummated - it seemed repetitive, he lay there catching every move of her body, her curves on his muscled legs, her smell on his hair. He tried to catch a fleeting glance of her beautiful, chiseled face but the agility of her enrapturing face was magnetically aware, as if waiting to trap him into the reverie of her dreams. It caught hold of his eyes and stuck them on her kohl lined eyes, which though shut were still emanating a pleasant, fuzzy feeling of the first born rains.

He leaned over and kissed her lips, unsure about what he was doing but still aware of the raspberry taste of skin and flesh, of love and grace. The red brigade of her bow shaped lips seemed to have impacted his heart with shuddering force. He realized he was falling for her. He recalled his dad's lines: "Love is like dreams, when it happens you'd always miss the beginning." He did not want to miss the start this time, he hugged her tight and slept through the night.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Writing Lines


Tuesday, 7 February 2012


The water of time keep flowing
Logic defying moments of life are rare
But here is one about you and I
Parallelly flowing but still in touch
Never to be together but always in touch
Whose lie was it anyway?
That day when you caught me sleeping away
Was that the reason why you slipped away?
Or was it an excuse to hide your sways
I never saw your tears to avoid rearing fear
Within my heart, my soul
They were never meant to!
I realize ebbs and flows are a part of life
But trust me I never wanted you to ebb away
Your emotion, feelings, still a necessity!
Still gives a calm soothing sense to the rage within
I was once the good shepherd
Drawing sustenance from my surroundings
Sucking every bit of courage to live on
To fight anther battle of loss
Then you came in to rock my world
Settled every agitation, caressed every fear
I saw in you an inlet for my frustration
I dived in to forget my fruitless existence
You became my sustenance...
But now with every passing day
Your absence makes me realize my worth
How trifling life seems without any purpose
without love, loyalty and ideals.

The battles fought today are one-sided
Every win seems like a loss
To the spirit, to the existence of being!

Monday, 2 January 2012

New Year 2012

So here I am under the true blue night, writing about you and me and a little about us…not really!

Over the years of existence life has taught me a million different things but today I’d like to share a few…

Family is everything. No matter where we end up digging a hole, our family would always look out for us and almost always pull us out of any precarious situation. I love my mom, I’m sure all of us do. Just because I don’t jump into the idea of getting home at every opportune moment doesn’t mean I’m not attached to my family.

I’m a Bong. I’m a Bengali as truly as one could be but that doesn’t give you the right to presume I’m an intellectual prick. I’m also proud of my heritage but I refuse to talk in Bengali with other Bongs at College, in a group, simply because I don’t think I can convey myself any better in Bengali.

Out of sight doesn’t really mean out of mind. Friends do not stay on with you all the time, unless of course you are bound together; if they do in spite of that then like me you are lucky and for friends who lose contact and vanish into thin air just to resurface years later on facebook are not really bad people. We are all looking for communion and if facebook bridges the gap then so be it!

That when you listen to someone even if it is a dumb retarded and completely random person by your standards; if you just listen and try to gauge where all the nonsense is coming from you actually can develop respect for that person and you will be surprised how he has left you with knowledge you would not have picked up in a book.

Girlfriends are a part and parcel of life. You have to learn to accept them and carry forward your life with them. Most of them will forever remain your best friends but for those who wouldn’t; definitely it would mean you were the one who caused the break-up. Girlfriends are sweet, most of them caring and all of them love you but…there’s always a But!

When you are alone and all by yourself it is the only time you are spared to love yourself immeasurably; do not waste that time wallowing in self pity and being miserable about how no one cares at that moment; these are tiny celebratory moments you have and you should never deny the celebration that you deserve.

Do something, never lose the fervor, even if it means ruining your walls with paint that makes no sense; even for a moment that you feel that you have no purpose; do something and trust me it will turn out beautiful; there is no so such thing as feeling useless; as long as you can feel things, express them, whistle a tune, dance alone in front of the mirror, call an ex, surprise a friend, whatever!

If it has ever happened to you that you went out of your way to help someone and when it was the other person's turn to look out for you, you had to mark him absent; it is okay, rejoice at how big you are and know that now you know better; there is no misery or let down that happens to us that do not teach us something new about someone and we should retain the knowledge and be glad for the love of wisdom.

Never love with a condition; never love if that suits you; it’s ok!

There are people that sing, sometimes they sing praises and sometimes they sing to gain praises, when you learn the distinction you have yourself a good ear for music :)

Cheat on anyone and everyone as long as your conscience does not hurt, never cheat on yourself and let yourself down....

Juniors should always remain juniors and never be treated as equals…it’s an age old truth and should never be broken, especially in Law Fac!

Lastly, you would always end up meeting people who are better, smarter and damn right richer than you, but don’t let that dishearten you; given a chance you can be the mother or father of that person’s child. So aim for the betterment of the future generation!

That’s it for today folks!