Monday, 2 January 2012

New Year 2012

So here I am under the true blue night, writing about you and me and a little about us…not really!

Over the years of existence life has taught me a million different things but today I’d like to share a few…

Family is everything. No matter where we end up digging a hole, our family would always look out for us and almost always pull us out of any precarious situation. I love my mom, I’m sure all of us do. Just because I don’t jump into the idea of getting home at every opportune moment doesn’t mean I’m not attached to my family.

I’m a Bong. I’m a Bengali as truly as one could be but that doesn’t give you the right to presume I’m an intellectual prick. I’m also proud of my heritage but I refuse to talk in Bengali with other Bongs at College, in a group, simply because I don’t think I can convey myself any better in Bengali.

Out of sight doesn’t really mean out of mind. Friends do not stay on with you all the time, unless of course you are bound together; if they do in spite of that then like me you are lucky and for friends who lose contact and vanish into thin air just to resurface years later on facebook are not really bad people. We are all looking for communion and if facebook bridges the gap then so be it!

That when you listen to someone even if it is a dumb retarded and completely random person by your standards; if you just listen and try to gauge where all the nonsense is coming from you actually can develop respect for that person and you will be surprised how he has left you with knowledge you would not have picked up in a book.

Girlfriends are a part and parcel of life. You have to learn to accept them and carry forward your life with them. Most of them will forever remain your best friends but for those who wouldn’t; definitely it would mean you were the one who caused the break-up. Girlfriends are sweet, most of them caring and all of them love you but…there’s always a But!

When you are alone and all by yourself it is the only time you are spared to love yourself immeasurably; do not waste that time wallowing in self pity and being miserable about how no one cares at that moment; these are tiny celebratory moments you have and you should never deny the celebration that you deserve.

Do something, never lose the fervor, even if it means ruining your walls with paint that makes no sense; even for a moment that you feel that you have no purpose; do something and trust me it will turn out beautiful; there is no so such thing as feeling useless; as long as you can feel things, express them, whistle a tune, dance alone in front of the mirror, call an ex, surprise a friend, whatever!

If it has ever happened to you that you went out of your way to help someone and when it was the other person's turn to look out for you, you had to mark him absent; it is okay, rejoice at how big you are and know that now you know better; there is no misery or let down that happens to us that do not teach us something new about someone and we should retain the knowledge and be glad for the love of wisdom.

Never love with a condition; never love if that suits you; it’s ok!

There are people that sing, sometimes they sing praises and sometimes they sing to gain praises, when you learn the distinction you have yourself a good ear for music :)

Cheat on anyone and everyone as long as your conscience does not hurt, never cheat on yourself and let yourself down....

Juniors should always remain juniors and never be treated as equals…it’s an age old truth and should never be broken, especially in Law Fac!

Lastly, you would always end up meeting people who are better, smarter and damn right richer than you, but don’t let that dishearten you; given a chance you can be the mother or father of that person’s child. So aim for the betterment of the future generation!

That’s it for today folks!