Tuesday, 7 February 2012


The water of time keep flowing
Logic defying moments of life are rare
But here is one about you and I
Parallelly flowing but still in touch
Never to be together but always in touch
Whose lie was it anyway?
That day when you caught me sleeping away
Was that the reason why you slipped away?
Or was it an excuse to hide your sways
I never saw your tears to avoid rearing fear
Within my heart, my soul
They were never meant to!
I realize ebbs and flows are a part of life
But trust me I never wanted you to ebb away
Your emotion, feelings, attendance...is still a necessity!
Still gives a calm soothing sense to the rage within
I was once the good shepherd
Drawing sustenance from my surroundings
Sucking every bit of courage to live on
To fight anther battle of loss
Then you came in to rock my world
Settled every agitation, caressed every fear
I saw in you an inlet for my frustration
I dived in to forget my fruitless existence
You became my sustenance...
But now with every passing day
Your absence makes me realize my worth
How trifling life seems without any purpose
without love, loyalty and ideals.

The battles fought today are one-sided
Every win seems like a loss
To the spirit, to the existence of being!