Sunday, 15 April 2012

Love Struck

He moved his head to get out of her tangled hands. The moon light invaded stealthily through the window and struck her face, creating magic lights that he had only read about in his grandmother's sorcery diaries. The night seemed to hearken out the union that had just consummated - it seemed repetitive, he lay there catching every move of her body, her curves on his muscled legs, her smell on his hair. He tried to catch a fleeting glance of her beautiful, chiseled face but the agility of her enrapturing face was magnetically aware, as if waiting to trap him into the reverie of her dreams. It caught hold of his eyes and stuck them on her kohl lined eyes, which though shut were still emanating a pleasant, fuzzy feeling of the first born rains.

He leaned over and kissed her lips, unsure about what he was doing but still aware of the raspberry taste of skin and flesh, of love and grace. The red brigade of her bow shaped lips seemed to have impacted his heart with shuddering force. He realized he was falling for her. He recalled his dad's lines: "Love is like dreams, when it happens you'd always miss the beginning." He did not want to miss the start this time, he hugged her tight and slept through the night.