Saturday, 5 May 2012

Fallen Soul

within the pages of error
lies the soul hidden with terror
the pamphlets are not a guide
my existence by law doesn't abide
who told you that you can be smart?
the answers that would hark you now
the questions that would mar your life
a martyr takes every strike gleefully
so why do you worry?
a saint, a martyr, a fool, a tragedy
a life less lived wouldn't have been yours
this is you at your best-undisclosed!

the honesty that i lack
can it be replenished with cheerfulness
the travesty of my existence
can it be repaired by any good?
i've crossed oceans of regret in my mind
but will i ever reach the shore?
for those who do not know me
can i ever express my soul?

how many times have i told you
originality is the essence of life
now that you lie here dejected
your dreams broken, heart badgered, eyes sore
whom do you expect to cajole your strength
to nourish your mind, guide your soul?
can you hear the voice of truth?
of loved ones who still care for you
can you end their existence for your selfish needs
your bruised ego, hurt conscience?

I don't want to be the fallen one
I want to fight another battle
I don't want to lose or hurt
but sometimes I just let go!
The loved ones would continue loving me
beyond my life and through
If ever I've hurt anyone
I'm sorry but it's time to go!

they said writing comes naturally
you don't have to toil after it
like the scent of the first born love
writing never disappoints those who feel
it stays cocooned somewhere in your heart
long after you have stopped nurturing it
but the moment you set your mind to it
the tip overflows with words and feelings