Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The Untold Story - - 3

It has been long since Lee wrote anything. He was looking up his diary, trying to recall the names of his school friends. He always maintained a diary where he kept regular notes about his friends and updated them with latest events. But ever since he started working, he has not been able to write anything about himself, leave alone anyone else.
Recently, Lee joined Facebook, the social network that has created a haze all over the world; created a maze for individuals to connect with each other and exchange views and opinions. Lee flipped through his diary and noted each name on a separate page. Every person he had ever come across in his school and college days were enlisted in this diary. He now jotted down all his friends’ names on a page of the diary. He looked at the diary and smiled. He gently moved his palm across the leaf of the diary, closed his eyes, and felt each name hearken a hundred stories from the depth of the pages of his diary.
With newfound energy and vigorous intent to connect with all his school and college friends, Lee flipped open his laptop and switched it on. He logged on to Facebook and started searching for each name that he had written on the separate page of the diary.
The first name that Lee typed onto the screen was Tina. The moment he pressed the search button, several Tinas from all around the world lined up in front of his eyes. He had not expected such a turn over. He was pleased but he didn’t know how to filter through the enormous number of Tinas that had registered on Facebook to reach his own Tina. So he got up and went into his store room.
After fifteen minutes he was back at his desk with renewed energy and intent. Lee also brought a bottle of wine along with him as the night was getting dark and cold and he needed company to keep himself warm and rocking. As he sat down at his desk to search for different friends from long lost years, his cell phone started ringing. He didn’t care to look at his phone and simply switched it off. He thought he had found a new way of connecting with people and every other mode of communication was outdated and unreasonable.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012


I see the differences, I ignore
I know the falling pieces, but no
I live, breathe, see you smile, what more?

You may always ask my name
I’m polite, I’ll lie
To ignore is not my style

There used to live an unknown man
For long he lived but no one cared
The day he died, raindrops fell.

A day always to remember
The nights are similar
I wish you understood the reference.