Saturday, 10 November 2012

The Discernment

Two dark unflinching eyes glued on him
Unaware, uninhibited he played on
The girls on the floor danced on
But the pair of eyes dissected every presence
Gorged on to the blue eyes of its fondness
Watched every nuance of his features
Noticed every ripple of his arms
Seeped into his tuft of hair
Enamored with every whisk of his charm
He was the star of the night
Every girl’s dream passion
He flirted along with each and every
Moved the crowd to the magic of his motion
But the stuck-up eyes weren't amongst them
From a far off corner, the flaming dark eyes
Looked on, not a flutter, not a stutter
As night crawled on, the drinks reduced in number
The music too was soon to end
Last requests of the crowd were on
But the eyes didn't care, didn't shift focus
As the object of its attention grooved along
But suddenly the eyes felt its body move
With nothing to distract, its body rammed ahead
The ashamed eyes tried to tug the body aside
But the eyes landed in front of the shining knight instead
Looked straight into his watery blue eyes
Unaware what the body spoke, the eyes looked on blankly
With shock, the eyes saw his features retreating
With a smirk on his face he kissed the girl beside him
The eyes took it all in, every action of his
The parting crowd started laughing
Pointed fingers lingered uneasily
But the eyes gazed on trying to dissect the commotion
Concentrated hard to withstand every distraction
But two huge black-draped giants obstructed its view
Pushed aside the eyes wandered
For one last glance of its object of affection
The crowd jeered on at the lost eyes
Rejected, denied, scorned at and ridiculed
The eyes forced its body into the washroom
Salty, watery drops ruptured at its corner
Hairy aberrations fluttered rapidly above in tension
The eyes couldn't believe what it saw in horror
Wrapped in a beige suit, tie and polished shoes
A man was staring sadly across from the mirror.