Monday, 13 August 2012

Illegible Writings of a Long Forgotten Time

On the day Lee realized that he had to move beyond the sultry, damp environs of Sunderbans, he also understood that life has more to teach than what the fate unfolds. He decided to count his days thereafter and keep track of every mishap that crossed his path. Five years on, during another sultry morning, in the suburbs of Mumbai, he would again recall the day the first tragedy of his life struck his interiors, driving the bowels out of his guts.

On that fateful day Lee was restless, he was yet to learn that life teaches us lessons that overcomes all tragedies. Every tragedy thumps its mark on the geography of a person’s life, while the initial ones are the cruelest, burning down roads and dreams along its way. Lee stood there, watching his friend Soham, his dearest of all friends, being ripped apart by the famed crocodiles of Hathanewa Dowanewa river; the crocs in their joyful exploration of Soham’s tender flesh and crunching bones were oblivious to the pain arising in Lee’s heart, the thunderstorms of memories building up to incalculable proportions that would hark and mark Lee’s life forever.