Tuesday, 11 June 2013


This wait is never ending

For someone I’m a moron
For others I’m unstable
For myself I’m in limbo
But then this wait doesn’t care

Waiting for the others
Waiting for love
Waiting for acceptance
Waiting for their questions
Waiting for you, for her
Waiting for an answer
To this diminishing existence of me

Who told you I’m a spirit?
Who told you I’m your lover?
Who told you I’d be your son?
When you know I don’t care.

Listen to the bugle now
The angels have alighted upon me
There is music, there is nostalgia
The swan song too is here

You can whack me for all this bullshit
You can crack me open if you’d like
I don’t mind ‘cause I’m the guy
Who just randomly unwinds!