Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Alteration Writes A Note!

Lightness soul, mistaken in every mould
Where people tread your thoughts and call them their own
Tomorrow would be just another day or a night
In your battered and bruised castle, you are still fighting for your rights
Trumpets calling, fanfare harking their existence
Girls, soulmates, hermaphrodites seeking abeyance
When did you think that love is important?
Why did you lie to make it so blatant?
Cold feet calling every night with every drop of domain
It’s not your fault cause you did love them for moments
The steps to their hearts were backwardly climbed
Orchestrated in years of evolution through time
Now you stand there, knocking every door
Some let you in & some let you out
While others just have a little smile or a frown
The girl of your dreams, the bosom of your needs
They have lit your mind, your body and succumbed to your greed
Some have come and some have multiplied
Some said it lasted but just for a while
Few too had outlasted in boats and trams
Others forming union under night lit lamps
Knocked up, bruised up, heated and stirred
Some say they wanted only to win your love
From the girls in upstairs markets
To the ones you picked in high-end hotels
They all had something that you sought to contain
But now they end up frowning in complaints
Judging you to ideas created by sense
Sized up, smothered, gambled and conquered
They have used you all, they who now complain of betrayal!