Monday, 6 May 2013

New Beginning

I could have been anything but you
the one eyed gesture of a never forgiving moon
that carries its heart out on its sleeve
following love wherever it shows

2013, the year of love and settlement. that’s what life is for, isn’t it. finally a reason not to delve in the forests alone, not to carry on with the task of writing alone. insanely impulsive, repulsive, collectively mad. there’s no reason not to be none. 2012 welcomed me with tears and rain. i’ll remember the sad part but lack the reasoning. no more promises made to be broken, no more hearts left to be broken. the listless heart that couldn’t carry its weight, dropped dead somewhere or is it just rest. rain washes away the bane of tomorrow. it’s a new year, a new beginning and you wonder where i have been all these years. tomorrow and tomorrow i’ll breathe once again, remembering what once I had and now forgotten. the pages of dreams don’t die so soon. i’ll dream a different dream again when the memories become full. applaud the gesture of loved ones. the acceptance, the rejection, the penance, the evolution. now, you ask me the ending already. i say give me some peace and i’ll forever remain.

here i am under the moon
so far away yet so near
i will not look for reasons again
happiness beckons why complain?