Sunday, 25 August 2013

Ramblings of an Insane Mind

Welcome to my world. The world that knows how to think and how to speak but not how to feel, the world that’s caught between the spaces of time trying to figure out the idea of life.
Do you realize that life is there beyond your imagination? Do you recognize yourself when you are in a group? Do you stand out as any different from all of them, any one of them?

Every time I look at you I know what beauty means.
I wanna touch you but fear if I’d spoil your skin.
Where are the angels tonight that always guarded you for me?
Today I’m the traitor so they must have deserted you
Why do your lips tremble when I kiss you?
Are you scared of loving me?
I’m not just anyone my love…
I’m the one who makes you feel like a sweet melody…
So come my love it’s just you and me
Let us sleep tonight and create Love’s Rhapsody!

There are no pictures on the wall tonight. We are all captured within this one shot that reveals our inner side. We are just waiting for our conscience to come alive. Then we will all run and switch sides.

I can’t cry for you baby. You invoke the deepest feelings within me but not hatred or sadness. I’m here to love. Be my muse and watch me soar. I love you. Yeah it’s you and you and you. You are all by my side. I won’t let go of anyone of you. You are my desire, my love my booty my passion my world. No one comes between you and me. I’m all yours. Come let’s devour each other in love and hatred.

Sixteen hundred years ago there lived a man who looked at you and smiled and held his collars up so that your beauty won’t leave its mark on his neck and shoulders. He feared you watched over him late nights when he slept without his clothes on. He feared you’d wake up the neighbours and make them have a look at him. But now he doesn't fear about all those stories anymore. He wants to just lie naked with you. Under the sun and under the moon he just wants to have fun with you.