Friday, 31 January 2014

I Write...Midway I Stop and Reconcile

There’s no script, no lights, no action, no sound
In the crippled home, you see around, looking for abundance
It’s always the same story and yet you choose it
It’s always the same end and still you need it
Leaving with a smile the wondrous days behind
For what lies ahead is a wonderful lie

And yet you try to hold onto, every single detail, 
Every single conversation, every single emotion, 
But they never rise, they never come back to haunt you again
Memory has betrayed you, you try your best to feel those emotions, 
You try your best to at least feel your own lost feelings,
But they don’t come back. 

You try to remember the events, the first kiss, the first swim, 
The first drunk escapade, but it's all empty.

Your pages are now filled with absolute fiction. 
Your existence is now a reality that you had never expected it to be. 
You cannot, you should not, you do not want to lose it. 
The night when you got drunk and were chased by the dogs, 
The first night when you stayed up till dawn, watching the stars fall over the horizon.
But every first, come with a second, a third and sometimes a fourth
No emotion is pure, unadulterated

And yet they say life is but once.
Live it with every experience, live it the best possible way you can!