Monday, 3 November 2014

A Lingering While

What about those who are ill
What about the weak, the downtrodden
Who is going to protect them when survival is at stake
Who is going to take pity at their imperfect make
God is kind, in equality mankind thrives
But what about the unequal
Who strives and strives
But never to achieve, never to live
To be remembered, to receive accolades or words
Words of encouragement, words of peace, words of love or even a treat
I'm neither fit nor am I fighting for survival
I who was just born have been just killed
Maimed for life by the one whom God has given more power
Whom do I blame cause it too was striving for food
It did not kill in jest but in fear of sacrificing its means
Now my master may feel sad
But in sadness you cannot wash truth
Or deny the unkindness of mortality
In thoughts if I live I accomplish
The unthinkable
Rise from obscurity to recognition
To live beyond this little while
Ah! A little lingering while!