Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Randomness of my brain...leads nowhere

Who decides what is to be done if the results are here does the journey matter..
I am but a man of speech with thoughts in a bottle deep in the sea...
Resolutions to restrictions they are all but forced upon our conscience...
This year is no different from the why not just skip this year...
With less murmur in your thoughts I can see your eyes better...with less blinking of your eyes I can hear your thoughts better...
The wall of promotion is but no means of communication...break the wall come live in my area...
I am but a servant you are the key let me open the master bedroom to your sea...
I can post but will it matter to the one that matters the most will she flutter
will there be tears or joy in her eyes how does it matter if she has already read each letter
still the servant will abide in love he dies in love he cries in love
she may hold time still for him to enter but will it matter if the time lies...

Crumbling Pages

There isn't any creativity in writing
It ends with the crumbling of the page
I can talk stories all day
But who has time for tales these days
The morning sun isn't any different here
The skin still reddens with pain
But how we have classified pain
Pain yours and pain of theirs
Pain of the elderly and pain of vain
Humbly cuddle yourself to sleep
There is none to share your bed
If only someone could look so deep
Make believe the lies instead
But no my friend none will come
It's your battle and your gun
They who whimper die too in time
Who are you to skip the line
As days go by the blankness stares
Wishing someone had letters to spare
The pages too are now straightened out
Awaiting someone to crumble them down

Monday, 6 April 2015

Know not till it ends

I have lost the skill
The power, the need
The patience to kill
Still there will be time
For fights after love
Fights before love and
Fights over love
What is the need
To experience excellence
If all you wish is
Annihilation of the self